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We take pride in boasting some of the best in the business!  Our team of experienced fabricators are electrically certified and build with confidence and pride. Our focus is to provide our customers with real solutions in a time-efficient  and cost-effective manner.  Our materials, products, processes and services are all focused on the overall goal of quality.  We practice the latest proven techniques using industry standards and processes in architecture, structure and technology.  Ask us about how to make your sign more “Power Smart” and eco-friendly.  
With Prime Signs quality fabrication your signs will stand the tests of time and remain strong and dazzling. From the most basic to the most unique custom structures, our skillful quality and attention to detail is notable.  
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Prime Signs Education Section!
Channel Letters and Shapes 
Channel letters and shapes are a high impact professional looking option when it comes to signage.  A channel letter or shape has an aluminum exterior edge, with the light on the interior "channel".  Channels can be made out of any font or shape to suit your needs. There are several ways to light a channel letter or shape leading to several options when designing your sign; halo-lit, open-faced and closed-face. 
Closed-Faced Channel
This refers to a channel letter or shape that has an acrylic face for a softer glow of light.  The acrylic can be made any color with our translucent vinyl and is a popular choice. The most common way to light a Closed Face Channel is with L.E.D. lighting, a power-saving, eco-friendly option.  L.E.D. lights are known for there long life and low wattage, while still providing a powerful and brilliant glow.
Open-Faced Channel refers to a channel letter or shape that is, as it’s name implies, open. This allows the sign the use of a neon tube light and is a bright, dynamic design.
Halo-Lit Channel refers to a similar design to the closed-face channel with the acrylic faces, but is also off-set from the building or sign. L.E.D lights are used behind the channel letters or shapes to then radiate a soft glow around the edges of each channel. This look is striking and classy and currently becoming more and more popular with business signage.




Non-Illuminated Signage 
Precision Board Lettering
For a dynamic three-dimensional letter, Prime Signs offers beautiful precision board letters.  Precision board is an extremely dense foam board that can be cut in any font style or custom shape and is available in a number of thicknesses that can be painted any color, and mounted to just about any surface!
Aluminum Router-Cut Lettering
This stylish option can be made to look dimensional through the use of special mounting hardware. The letters or shapes can be either painted or covered in digital media or vinyl to suit your custom needs, and we can ‘stool’ them from the wall to create a shadowed, classic effect.  




 Architectural Structures










“Pylon” or “Pillar” Signs refer to the most common in the business sign world.   road-side pylon sign can not only signify your location to your customer but can serve as your businesses identity!  Our fabrication department takes care of every step of creating these free-standing structures including obtaining city permits, and overseeing the foundation.  Prime Signs has created several of these stuctures in and around the Fraser Valley.  We encourage you to explore our work and see for yourself the impact these large stuctures can have on your business.









 If you are interested in striking signage -  without the use of electicity, we have options!